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Ensure ISTEP Readiness

Follow this checklist to ensure your child is prepared for success on the ISTEP Test!

 Establish  an early bedtime routine, to ensure your student    receives at least 8 hours of sleep each night

 Assure that your student is present and on time for school each   day

 Ensure your student eats a healthy breakfast before school.

 Reassure your student; let them know that they just need to do   his/her best.

 Encourage your student to take his/her time, they are given plenty   of time to complete the test.

Talk with your child about what they're doing in class and ask what he or she is reading. Studies show that kids who talk with their    families on a weekly basis about school and what they read score higher on the national standardized reading

Changing Learning, Changing Lives, Inspiring Life-Long Possibilities! 


Please click on the following link to view the 6th grade ISTEP motivational video created by 6th grade teachers and staff



Changing Learning, Changing Lives, Inspiring Life-Long Possibilities!


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