Hosford Park New Tech Elementary

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better

The teachers of Hosford Park are making their e-mail  address's available for the parents to contact them with any questions or comments to insure that the best interests of the child are served.


Ms. A. Bugajski

Ms. M. Smith Ms. P. Strange
1st Grade: Mrs. S. Bechinski Mrs. C. Norton
 2nd Grade:Mrs. C. CashenMrs. A. Correa
3rd Grade: Ms. D. Briski Mrs. K. Rodriguez
4th Grade: Ms. J. Sopo Mrs. J. Fielder
5th Grade: Mr. G. Scott Ms. C. Stewart

Data Coach: Mrs. W. Brown

Art: Mrs. J. Rhodes

Music: Ms. D. Danek

TitleI: Ms. A. Green

Special Education: Mrs. J. Campos Mrs. K. Mundell
Physical Education: Mrs. J. Rhodes

Dean of Students: Mrs. J. Martoccio