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Helpful Websites for Educators 

The following websites are helpful to educators in learning about the unique characteristics of high ability students and planning for their educational needs.

The Center for Learning:  The Center for Learning is pleased to present its new series of complimentary Online Workshops, conducted by today's leading authors and researchers. 

National Association for Gifted Children:  An association dedicated to support the diverse gifts and talents of students from all cultures.  For educators this website offers a variety of resources including teaching strategies, professional development, and monthly newsletters.
Indiana DOE:  The Indiana Department of Education Office of High Ability Educaton.  This site includes support in meeting the educational, social, and emotional needs of high ability students.  Also of particular interest to educators, there are many high ability curriculum units available.
 Guiding Students with High Abilities:Social and Emotional Considerations: This PDF is a great resource that list common attributes of high abiltiy learners and how the attributes negatively and positively impact the classroom. It's  a great resource for understanding the couses to particular behaviors.